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A healthy body depends on clean air to breathe. When indoor air is polluted, it can cause problems for people with allergies, asthma sufferers, young children, and when the pollution is bad enough, it is not good for anyone.

The Environmental Protection Agency says that indoor air can be much more polluted than outdoor air, due to how pollutants may not leave the building structure if there is not enough ventilation. If the pollution won't leave on its own, then you have to help it leave.

Do You Know What Is in Your Air Ducts?

Sunbird Cleaning Services has seen many air ducts, and been able to clean away gray deposits of dust, dirt, and other debris. Allergenic particles can be found in air ducts in high concentrations, like pollen, dander, and mold.

You do not have to take our word for it! We are happy to come to your location for a free, no obligation video inspection of your air ducts. Our air duct cleaners will be able to show you exactly what we see in the air ducts - and they can get them amazingly clean.

We use negative pressure to make sure we trap every particle we remove from the air ducts. This keeps your whole house or workplace much cleaner, with HEPA filtering as well to make sure that everything is done correctly.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Makes Your Whole House Safer

When you call Sunbird Cleaning Services, be sure to ask about our dryer vent cleaning service. If your dryer is not getting your laundry dry in one cycle, something is seriously wrong. It could be that the dryer vent duct is blocked with lint. This not only makes your dryer have to work harder, but can be a real fire hazard. We are happy to check your dryer vent and clean it out for you in a very short time.

Sunbird Cleaning Services is here for you! We are in the Sugar Land, Texas area, and are happy to schedule a convenient time for your air duct cleaning. Call 832-582-0152 today!

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